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Recipe Instructions

Place kale, basil and walnuts in a small food processor. Process, scraping down sides occasionally, until almost smooth.

With motor operating, gradually add oils in a slow, steady stream. Continue to process until combined. Transfer to a bowl. Stir in parmesan. Season with salt and pepper.

Recipe Ingredient

250.00 ml torn kale leaves (see notes)

125.00 ml firmly packed fresh basil leaves

28.75 gm walnuts, toasted

75.08 gm garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil (see notes)

75.08 gm extra virgin olive oil

40.00 ml finely grated parmesan

Cook Time


Prep Time


Total Time



379.07 calories

173.2 grams fat

25.2 grams saturated fat

10.6 grams carbohydrates

2.4 grams sugar

12.7 grams protein

9.6 milligrams cholesterol

253.8 milligrams sodium



Low, fodmap, friendly, pesto, kale, walnuts, nuts, pizza, fish,


Following a low-fodmap diet? Add this kale and walnut pesto to your repertoire and youll never be stuck for dinner ideas.

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