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Recipe Instructions

Place the pineapple pieces, mint leaves, pineapple juice, Bacardi or Malibu and lime juice in a blender and blend until smooth.

Pour the pineapple mixture evenly among serving glasses. Decorate with the mint sprigs and serve with lime wedges.

Recipe Ingredient

300g pineapple

62.50 ml mint leaves

375ml pineapple juice

80ml bacardi

42.00 gm lime juice

Mint sprigs, to serve

Lime wedges, to serve

Cook Time


Prep Time


Total Time



30.21 calories

186.3 grams fat

16 grams saturated fat

18.7 grams carbohydrates

13.7 grams sugar

665 grams protein

3.3 milligrams sodium



Alcohol, pineapple, mint, lime, barbecue, cocktail party, dinner party, picnic, cocktail, sweet, sour, easy, basic, simple, quick


Looking for a new summer cocktail? Try this delightfully refreshing mint pineapple crush!

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